A Coleman® cooler customized with your favourite pic.


Q: So what is going on here?

Custom Cooler Bros. sells Coleman® coolers – Canada’s #1 cooler brand – personalized with your own image. We use specialty models that have been made with a smooth surface cut into the bumpy outer casing, where we attach a decal printed with your picture. There are no minimum order requirements or set-up fees.

Q: Who wants a customized cooler?

Better question – who doesn’t want one? Seriously, coolers are essential equipment for camping, cottaging, sporting, and going to Grandma’s house. Customized coolers are practical and personal and they make unreal gifts.

Q: How do you put my image on a cooler? Can I put anything on there?

Your image is printed onto an adhesive decal made of a durable vinyl (think: vehicle wraps). You can use any of your personal pictures – but we cannot print other people's copyright protected images. And don’t worry, we don’t judge…

If you are looking for coolers with your corporate logo, please click here: bcunningham@logowerkz.com

Q: How do you get my image?

You can use our awesome cooler editor to design your personal decal. Upload your image to our site and add text or a Canadian flag. Be sure to use a high-resolution picture, preferably the original file.

Q: How do I pay?

You pay us through PayPal® with Visa® or MasterCard®. The order process will take you there directly.

Q: I have a coupon code. How do I use that?

When prompted, just type in the code during the order process.

Q: How do I get my cooler?

Coolers can be picked up on regular work days between 8:30-4:30 at Somcan Marketing & Sales in Pickering near Hwy 401 and Whites Road – 1800 Ironstone Manor, Unit 1A, L1W 3J9. Or you can get it shipped to your front door! Considering how big the coolers are, these are pretty phenom. shipping rates…

Q: I already have a cooler. Can I just put a decal on that instead?

Not unless it is a Coleman® Steel Belted® Cooler. These models are the only Coleman® coolers available in-store that have a large enough smooth, flat surface. The textured plastic on the top and sides of regular models is too bumpy to permanently customize, so we use specialty models with a flat area.

Q: My ex-girlfriend left me the cooler, but I don’t want her face on it anymore. Can I change my decal?

Definitely – for $10 we can change your cooler decal. Contact us to get started.

Q: I prefer my beer warm. Can I return my cooler?

Given the personal nature of our products, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.

Q: I want to include a flag not shown in the editor. How do I do that?

Use the placeholder flag on your cooler design so we know the size and the correct location. Then email us a high res image of your flag to blair@coolerbros.ca referencing your order number. We will include it for you.

Q: I have another question not answered here.

Contact us at blair@coolerbros.ca or call 905-999-6981.